About Us

Painted Fox Home is an online retailer, specializing in fabulous farmhouse décor! Our eclectic collection of vintage styled treasures are hand-picked for all of the spaces where you live your lovely life... and is sure to add a touch of farmhouse swag to your homestead!    

We are Christine and Jen, a pair of treasure hunting best friends ~ who honestly feel like we are living our dream.  We love infusing unique farmhouse treasures, both big and small, into our own lives, and are so excited to share that passion with you, our customers.  We truly believe that your home should be filled with the people and things you love the most in the world.  Our relentless desire to give our own homes a vibe of 'farmhouse swag' has inspired us to search far and wide for the lovely surprises that will make your 'farmhouse' delightfully detailed and implicitly you.

Our inventory is comprised of treasures acquired from near and far.  We love to infuse beautiful antique and vintage reproduction items that are new in age… but old in design.  We are thrilled to be able to say that every Painted Fox piece has a story to tell ...and will feel like it has been a part of your home forever. We work with artisans, manufacturer and vendors from across the globe. It may take a bit to get to it's new home, but it is always worth the wait.

It feels as if ‘Painted Fox’ has forever been a part of each of us. Painted Fox reflects exactly who we are in all the areas of our lives. {Jen, a business manager and Christine, a second grade teacher} The pair of us have spent a lifetime creating a haven within our own homes and workplaces, where friends and family feel welcomed and embraced. Each of us is a proud parent of delightful children... they are truely our greatest delight.  Each of us is tightly woven with our families and friends. Painted Fox is an extension of that love and commitment. To say that we are falling head-over-heels for our Painted Fox customers and friends is an understatement.

The name Painted Fox has several meanings to us. The ‘Fox’ symbolizes the elusive hunt for fabulous, interesting, farmhouse treasures. For us, the fox also symbolizes a quiet, peaceful knowing that loved ones who are no longer with us, are quietly and lovingly watching over us.

The ‘Painted’ part of our name represents individuality and the treasured surprise of unique and unexpected additions to your nest. ‘Painted’ reminds us of the sparkle that a touch of personality adds to a space. So, there you have it. Painted Fox ~ the perfect combination of love, creativity and the elusive hunt for the very loveliest of farmhouse treasures for your home.

At Painted Fox, it is our mission to offer you an unbeatable and ever changing eclectic selection of delightful farmhouse treasures.  Please peek around! We have a sneaking suspicion that you will love our treasures as much as we do!  We are unspeakably thrilled to share our passion for our personal 'farm.house.swag' style with each and every one of you.

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