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Meet Susan

I want to start out by extending a huge welcome to all of you, as well as a few big virtual hugs! Welcome, I am Susan from Kindred Vintage & Co. and I am so grateful you’re here!

I adore my family, friends, vintage goods, decorating, coffee, red wine, holidays, and being surrounded by beautiful, inspirational spaces and it’s even better for those spaces to be filled with beautiful, uplifting people!

My design style? Well, I am not sure I can narrow it down to just one! It is a big ol’ mix of a whole lot of things that I love. However, I can assure you this, adding character to spaces through vintage finds then mixing those old, worn items with new, glamorous ones is a pattern you will see throughout our home! I hope you’ll make yourself comfy and stay a while!

Kindred Vintage & Co. | The Collection