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Meet Liz Marie

Hi! I am Liz Marie AKA Liz Marie Blog. I’m a twenty something year old living with my veteran husband on our farm in west Michigan. After spending almost a decade living in North Carolina as Jose served his country & I studied interior design, we are happy to be back in the mitten state working on our fixer upper farmhouse & beginning our journey of farm life. The only animals currently on the farm are two little shitzus that run the place named Bella & Bear, but I am sure that will be changing here soon as we both animal lovers & are excited to take that step in our farming journey. My blog is my happy place where I share our journey through our fixer upper, DIY projects, love for decor, farm life, fertility, & so much more. My Curated Collection is a space where you can find some of the treasures that you see in our home. Thanks for coming here to join me… xx

Liz Marie Blog | The Collection