Artisan Dough Bowl




This item has been selected from Bre Doucette’s Rooms For Rent Collection!

One of my very first antique finds! I had been a long time admirer of these beautiful dough bowls, and desperately wanted one – to the point my husband was ready to go cut a tree down and hollow one out for me! Thankfully we found one on a birthday antiquing trip, and learned the history of these fabulous european antiques came to be. You can’t go wrong adding one of these to your decor, they are so universal, or just leave them empty and simply enjoy their beautiful patina. Read more to find out about the history of these beautiful pieces. ~Bre

In the first half of the 20th century, Magyar bakers at farmhouses in Hungary and other Eastern European countries used these hand-carved, antique wooden bowls to make bread. Each bowl is vintage and bears individual marks of use and history.

Sourced from Eastern Europe. Sizes & colors vary. Signs of history mark these bowls, making them extra special. Metal patching, varied shapes and worm holes may be present. Wearing and grooving is common and adds to the vintage flavor!

Please be advised that, due to the genuine ‘found’ nature of these vintage bowls, size will vary anywhere from a couple of feet to over four. What we can assure you of… they are fabulous.

l  15.75 W x 7 H x 39″ – 45″

xl 17.5 W x 7 H x 45″ – 54″