Genesee Road Buffet

$2,199 $1,473


The Genesee Road Buffet is a classic farmhouse piece made of solid wood and all kinds of farmhouse gorgeousness!

Now onto the word buffet…

My mom is a New Orleans girl, born and raised in the south and she pronounces buffet: ‘booo-fay’, which is how I grew up saying it! Until I began saying it as an adult in public in the midwest! Whoa! People thought it was so hysterical! Up here, everyone says ‘buff-fay’. Now, if you ask me, booo-fay is way fancier and prettier! Come to think of it, they don’t say ‘ya’ll’ up here either.

Yep, I’m sticking with booo-fay!

Southern and proud of it!

56.25 IN x 20 IN x 34 IN